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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


We all know Flavor of Love (and all its damn spinoffs...) was just a desperate act by F-list wannabes to try to make it to HollyHOOD. But has recently reported news that leads us to believe that it was even faker than we suspected! How could that be? Allegedly, the entire cast (including Flav) knew that the relationships would be fake. He was looking for someone quirky enough to bond with his character, and the winner would be cast to "star" alongside him in a Strange Love sequel. If that's what they were looking for, I don't know why NY didn't "win". Speaking of the devil, her character is allegedly all scripted too...down to her name. Her name is not Tiffany Patterson, but rather Kenya Simmons (of Newark, NJ. I knew that bitch wasn't from damn Syracuse, she looks ghetto as hell). She used to be an exotic dancer (a pretty trashy one at that), and was rejected from every other reality show-including the Bachelor, THREE times! But there's MORE! Mrs. Michelle ain't her real mother either, she's a reality reject too. Don't even think about her father, no one knows who the hell he is. They suppose he may work for VH1, but it's for damn sure that he's not a Fortune 500 company owner (made up, but definitely not believable). If you want to read the entire letter, hit up A Hot Mess for more info.

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Schatar is Two Eggs Short of a Basket

Lets be real, we all know Hottie isn't all there. But this tops the cake. Last Sunday, she was expelled from Charm School after Shay and Larissa set her up. I must admit (as much as I find her a strange creature), I felt a little sorry for the bag lady. UNTIL she sent this wacky letter to VH1 demanding her own show! :

Let's keep it real. The judges should have kept it tight and reviewed the film the same way they did for the etiquette segment.My character was defamed. This was obvious and clear bias. I was crucified - hung on an emotional cross!Hugs don't get it. We are out here in the real world. I demand a PUBLIC APOLOGY from the girls and the judges, televised on VH1 and I demand my own Shopping Couture with Schatar from the VH1 network immediately.At a minimum, Mo'Nique should have said, "Schatar if I am wrong about this, I will offer you an opening act on tour with me, the way I offered Goldie to go on tour with me and implied assistance to Krazy about her CD."My millions of fans would appreciate a publicized apology from the judges and the girls on the reunion show.Also, VH1 can develop and air a show starring me called Shopping Couture with Schatar. I would look forward to collaborating with a reputable production company contracted with VH1 to develop and bring this show starring me to air within the next 6 months.

Millions of fans? I highly doubt that. For a supposed Ivy League graduate, she sure is delusional. She couldn't even sell her "couture" gowns at a thrift shop last week, because they said they were dirty and smelly. How would she figure that they would just throw her a show?

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Time For a Change: Master P's Response to 50

At a recent BET press conference, 50 cent dismissed Master P's plea for the rap game to clean up their act by stating that it was easy for P to say that since he wasn't selling any records. Though what he said may have been true, it was rooted in blind ignorance to the fact that his "selling records" (not making music) is costing our entire community the backlash. Yesterday, Master P released the following open letter in response to the comments. He's underrated and I think we should pay more attention to what he has to say. Here are a few key points, click the link to read the whole article.

Curtis Jackson's comment motivated me. There are a lot of immature people in the world. Oprah Winfrey is absolutely right, we need to grow up and be responsible for our own actions. I paid for Curtis's first rap tour through the South. He was such a humble guy at the time. Most artists' mission is to sell records. My mission is to help save and change lives. There's a lack of knowledge and false information out there. I could actually say Little Jay and Rap-A-Lot Records inspired my successful career and I will always respect them no matter what. I wrote the blueprint for this generation. The only difference is there's no more honor and respect in the game.

Think about it: people in jail are not writing letters proclaiming to come out and do the same thing that landed them there in the first place. People in the hood don't want to stay poor for the rest of their lives. They want to change. Parents that really love their kids would rather sacrifice their own lives so that their kids could make a change to have a better life and a better education. I'm glad that there are people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and organizations like the NAACP that are out there fighting for our rights and dignity. I have finally realized that EVERY person is either a part of the problem or part of the solution and that is why I have decided to take a stand! I'm reaching out to corporate America to form an alliance for the sake of putting the value back into our communities by rebuilding and developing schools and businesses.

First of all, it's simply disappointing to see people that are in a position to help make a change just sit back and entertain the negativity. It's sad to see Steven Hill set all of these programming standards at BET, just to contradict himself for the sake of marketing dollars or artist performances in order to create the appearance of a successful award show. The record company with the biggest marketing check controls the music video stations so we need to go after the people who actually control these programming networks if we want real CHANGE.

-It is so funny how 50 came into the game so humble. He got rich off of dissing people who were fake thugs, yet look at where he is at now. He talks so much about the streets, and he lives in a multi-million dollar home with security on his every move. He is negatively influencing these young little kids, and now is basically saying "you're own your own, that's not my responsibility...I just sell the records". Pitiful.

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Making History: Transgender Student Elected Prom Queen

Johnny Vera (right), known as "Crystal" by classmates, became the first transgender student in Fresno history to be elected prom queen at Roosevelt High School. Loved by his peers and active in the school and community, he is a member of the cheerleading squad and gets good grades. Vera's desire to be prom queen stemmed from his attempts to promote tolerance and acceptance for all students. He was inspired to run by Cinthia Covarrubias, a female student who made national news by being the first female candidate to run for prom king. I'm proud of Johnny's accomplishment, because that takes alot of courage. If only the rest of the world would open up thier eyes...


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Sunday, May 20, 2007

50's Turning into Quite the Businessman

Either he's not as dumb as he looks, or he has a reallyyyy good business team. 50 Cent has recently delved into another business venture, aquiring the trademark "G-Unot". When I first read this I thought it was the dumbest thing someone could do. Who would want to buy a brand that is making a mockery of your whole existence? Then I sat back and laughed, because 50 is laughing all the way to the bank. By acquiring G-Unot, he is keeping the Game from ever marketing off the trademark. So no more G-Unot clothing line, it all goes to 50. Essentially, this would keep the Game from wanting to do anything with the term, because it would all just make more money for his arch rival. I hear that 50 supposedly pulled a similar stunt with Cam'ron and is now getting paid off of the videos he posted on YouTube...

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Making the Band Should Just Go Away and Save Us All the Drama

As if it isn't bad enough that Making the Band has failed to produce 1 great act (out of all 3 seasons), it's causing drama now to. We're all used to the arguing, because Diddy is sooo good throwing a group full of RANDOM artists together and expecting them to live and in peace and harmony. But, this time the drama was between him and the show's choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson. Laurie Ann had allegedly filed a complaint on May 11 against Diddy with the NYPD, citing that he throw a chair at her during an argument. Apparently, the argument was over Diddy's dissatisfaction with the new group's lackluster performance (what a surprise). To add to the swirl of randomness, Michael Bivens was a celebrity guest judge and allegedly tried to hold her down while Diddy attempted to hit her. All of this was caught on tape, and the NYPD is still trying to get a hold of the footage for their investigation. However, seeing that Diddy is the show's executive producer, I wouldn't be surprised if the footage mysteriously disappears...

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Bobby Wants to Mooch Off Whitney Till Death Do Them Part

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston finalized their divorce on April 24, in a proceeding that was suprisingly not over the top. Houston was granted sole custody of 14 y.o. Bobbi Kristina...end of story. BUT, you know Bobby couldn't let it all go without leaving with SOMETHING. He is suing Whitney for his being "homeless", and feels that he desires spousal support. He also wants shared custody of their daughter. Two questions. 1)What in the world gave him the idea that sniffing away his life and being a bum is a job worth paying for? 2)If you're so-called "homeless" and can't stand on your own two feet, what would make you think the court would allow you to drag your kid into your nothingness? This is a verdict I'm not waiting around for, and it should be an open and shut case. But, it is Hollywood (w/ a crackhead...or two).

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

What a Suprise...We're Being Watched

600 pages of secret files were released Wednesday, May 16 by the New York Civil Liberties Union, who is suing the city on behalf of the demonstrators arrested during the 2004 Republican National Convention. Details released reveal that the NYPD had been secretly surveilling various rappers, all of whom attended Russell Simmons' Hip Hop Summit. According to the documents, Jay-Z, Sean "Diddy" Combs, and Alicia Keys were all on the list of those put under surveillance during the months leading up to the convention. The documents reveal that undercover NYPD officers infiltrated political meetings and monitored listservs for years before the Republican National Convention. The NYPD is accused of recording information about activity that was completely peaceful and lawful. Jay-Z and Diddy? These men are supposed to be hip hop's elite. Alicia Keys? She doesn't appear to be a threat to this nation's security either, if you ask me. The fact that NYC officials tried to block these documents from going public honestly disturbs me. It is a shame that our country spends so much of its time looking in the wrong direction.

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Method Man Getting Into Character?

Method Man, notorious for his weed smoking, was arrested this past Thursday at around 10 pm for the possession of marijuana as he attempted to enter the Battery Tunnel in Brooklyn. Originally pulled over for driving with expired plates, the Battery Tunnel police officer on call noticed the strong scent of marijuana when Method Man was asked to roll down his window. Officers searching the car found over 30 grams of marijuana, and he was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana, criminal possession of marijuana, operating a motor vehicle under the influence and driving an uninspected motor vehicle. Method Man was released on his own recognizance early yesterday morning. Is this a case of life imitating art? Method Man starred in the 2001 film 'How High', which focused on the crazy antics of two potheads who accidently get accepted into Harvard.


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Friday, May 18, 2007

Super Sweet Sixteen the Movie

Because we all couldn't get enough of those annoying spoiled little brats in 30 minutes, MTV has decided to grace us with a full length movie. My Super Sweet 16 the Movie is a fictionalized version of the show premiering on July 8 on MTV. I watched the trailer so I'm sure it has a plot, but I didn't care enough to take the sound off of mute and hear what it was about. I'm getting hives just thinking about this movie, because MTV's tv movies are infamously horrible. Pretty Ricky was in the trailer, so that should be enough said. I just keep remembering that stupid kung-fu one they had with Redman, Method Man and some other rappers a few years ago. What was it called? Oh yeah, I forgot that I don't care.


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Timbaland Premiering His New Video on WWE Raw

Where is your career headed when you're driven to premiering your video on a wrestling show? I shouldn't say 'career' because we all know that though Timbaland is great at being a producer, his rapping career should be thrown into the Book of Things We Wish We Could Forget. This Monday (May 21), he will premiere "Throw it On Me" in front of thousands of wrestling fans (because it's so related to rapping, right?!). He says that his video doesn't include the usual montage of video vixens, but instead some of WWE's hottest divas. He claims it's because he wanted "women who mean something". All I can say is that I still have bad memories in my head from the time Wyclef came on the show to premiere his video with the Rock. Egh!


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Left Eye's Death Caught on Camera; Footage to Air This Saturday

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was killed in Honduras in April 2002 as she embarked on a "spiritual journey". Ironically, she was followed by a documentary team that was filming the story of her troubled life at the time. This Saturday, over five years later, the two-hour documentary is set to air on VH1 at 9 pm. Though disturbing footage of Lisa's final moments will be included, the entire seen of her fatal death will not be shown at her family's request. "Last Days" focuses on Lopes' trials and tribulations over the years leading up to her death, and much of the footage was actual one on one interviews. The documentary also hones in on another death around that time, a 7 year old Honduran boy who was killed by that same car just days earlier. Though filled with lots of emotion and tragedy, the documentary does have a lighter side that shows all of the beautiful sides of Lisa's personality. Thanks to for covering the story.


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Luda to Appear on the Simpsons

Ludacris is set to appear on The Simpsons this Sunday night (May 20) for their monumental 400th episode. He voices an animated version of himself, "Luda-Crest", in the episode titled "You Kent Always Say What You Want". The plot revolves around his character shooting a video designed to get teens to brush their teeth. Congratulations to Ludacris for joining the ranks of the celebrities who have given their voice to this long-standing show.


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'Its Me Bitchez'...New Tagline for Madden's NFL 2007?

While 'Its Me Bitchez' has definitely become everyone's favorite unofficial theme song, it could now possibly be the official song of Madden's NFL 2007. It was reported today on 106 and Park that Swizz Beatz' anthem will be featured in the upcoming game. Though it's not certain that this deal is confirmed, it definitely seems like a good look. So, be on the look out for that one. I'll report back when I get more info.


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Proof That Bad Boy Will Do Just About Anything to Get Back on Top

It's pretty apparent that Bad Boy's been in the
dumps for years now. Artists are leaving the label just as quick as they got signed. Except for a string of hit singles from a couple of artists, no one has had breakout success on the label. Cassie is no exception. I'm not gonna lie, a couple of her songs have me singing in the shower. But, I was never tricked into thinking that this girl actually has talent. She's cute and all, but her singing just isn't all there (even with all the computers!). If you don't believe me, check out her new song "Sometimes" featuring Ryan Leslie.

This really makes me miss Bad Boy back in the day when they had Total, Faith, and 112.

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The Color Purple Being Sued for Being 'Too White'?

TMZ has recently reported that they have obtained a copy of a lawsuit filed by Shawnique Hill in a Manhattan federal court. Hill is a former stylist and hairdresser for Oprah's "The Color Purple" on Broadway. She alleges that though the cast is entirely black, the crew hired back stage was mainly white (with the exception of 3 people). She is suing because she claims that she was harassed and ultimately fired after bringing up the issue to the production staff. I don't know what to say about this one, but I wouldn't doubt this scenario seeing that Oprah is known for being 'uppity' and surrounding herself with loads of Caucasians.


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Sanjaya on I Love New York 2?

For some strange reason, my curiosity led me to I Love New York to look and see what kind of publicity-hungry contestants are looking to enter this season. Suprise, suprise! Who did I spot amongst the disturbingly substandard pool of men seeking New York's heart? None other than Sanjaya, the talentless ex-Idol looking for other resources to milk now that his Idol stint is over and the brainwashing has worn off. The sad thing is, he's WINNING!! He's one of the top contenders, with almost 100,000 votes already. So don't be suprised to find him trying to serenede NY (and get that record deal he's dying for) next season.

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Are They Seriously Going to Give Her Own Show?

Just as I suspected, Kim Kardashian's sex tape publicity stunt may have just landed her a reality show gig. She is allegedly in talks with E! for a reality show that will follow her, her siblings, and her mother and stepfather Bruce Jenner. It wouldn't be the first time a Kardashian was in the reality spotlight. Kim's sister Kourtney was a part of a past E! reality show called Filthy Rich:Cattle Drive. Stepfather Jenner is indeed the father of Brandon and Brody Jenner, who also had their 15 minutes of fame with their reality show Princes of Malibu. Neither of those shows was particularly popular, so could it be a sign of things to come?


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Akon Left to Pick Up the Pieces

Akon is still defending himself against media backlash over the 'simulated rape' of a 14 y.o. girl at one of his concerts in Trinidad. In a recent interview, he denies that he did anything wrong and claims that he is being used as a scapegoat. I wouldn't blame him, because the girl definitely doesn't look or act as if she's 14. There's a few of those back where I live, and I could tell you how they turned out...

How do 14 y.o.'s get into clubs anyway?
Image courtesy of Bossip


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Is Halle Berry Pregnant?

Ms. Halle has been looking alittle suspect lately. Could it be that she's pregnant?She's been wearing big clothes, and the papparazi keep getting shots
of her with what seems to be a baby bump. She was recently spotted buying baby clothes last week in LA, so who knows?. She has been very open in the past about her desire to have a child before her biological clock stops ticking. If I had a younger, model hunk I'd want to jump on that one quick too.


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This Week's Celebrity Sightings

Make photo slide shows at

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Kim Kardashian's Publicist to Write a Tell All?

Kim Kardashian's former publicist is allegedly going to write a tell-all, dishing all the dirt about Kim and her friends (i.e. Paris??). He's supposedly also going to answer the question that everyone has been dying to know: What's with Kim's attraction to black men? So far she's already been linked to The Game, Ray J,Nick Cannon,Reggie Bush and others. While we're on the topic of Kim...the guy responsible for the sale of her & Ray-J's sex tape has halted sales because he's afraid it will hurt her career! This is honestly the most publicity she's ever gotten, so I'm sure she doesn't mind too much. And, he's hurting Ray-J's career in the process, because Lord knows he needed that publicity.

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Sign of the Times? Should I Laugh or Cry?

First off, let me say that I don't know what the hell that little boy was saying. This video is of these two 8 year old (except one is mad tall so he might be older) boys who are just basically dissing each other. I thought they were gonna fight, but they were just arguing the whole time. It's sad, because they are too young to be cursing and acting all grown. It's also sad that the little one is 8 years old and still can't articulate what he's trying to say. That sh#$ was hilarious though because they spent 3 minutes mumbling back and forth (trying to rap and breathe at the same time), making no sense at all. Lol.

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Questionable Behavior: Lil Cease Strip Tease

Someone's obviously enjoying their sweet revenge right now, because it would be hard to do damage control on this one. It shows an obviously younger Cease (he's slim) prancing around naked in front of a room full of guys. There was 2-3 girls there, but they didn't seem too thrilled if you ask me. The ones getting a kick out of it were all the guys in the room! I don't know about this one, but all I can say is that it takes balls (no pun intended) for a guy to be able to dance around in front of all those men comfortably.
Here's the uncensored version:

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Is Lil Wayne Feelin Ciara?

I know Lil Wayne's been linked to Solange (who is still allegedly married) lately, but I came across this freestyle of his on her 'Promise' beat. I don't know if he's talking to her or if it's just a song, you be the judge. He says "you can be my caramel shorty", so who knows. This song's on his recent mixtape Da Drought 3, which are all songs recorded over other people's beats. So, he might actually JUST be making a song. The mixtape is hot though, that's the only thing I am certain of. Here's a pic of him and Solange, just because.

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